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Marzipan Conversation Hearts

Classic Valentine’s Day conversation hearts get made-over into elegant marzipan and chocolate treats.


As Valentine’s Day draws closer, I have to say I’m a little relieved to not be in the United States.  I’ve officially seen three Valentine’s Day displays in shops, which I know is far fewer than I would see in the U.S.  In the U.S. Valentine’s Day is unavoidable.  It’s not that I’m anti-romance (give me a Jane Austen or Brontë novel any time), it’s just that so many holidays have become largely about consumerism.  Sure, it’s great we can afford things, but that doesn’t mean we need to buy all the things.

Again, not trying to be a curmudgeon or anything, but sometimes holidays in the U.S. are overwhelming.  Shops set up massive displays a month in advance, everything is decorated with the colors of that specific holiday…However, I do like pretty things and, as I said, I do enjoy the classic love stories, so all is not lost.  To prove it to you that I care a little bit, I’ve re-made the classic Valentine’s Day candy into something…edible.

Let’s be honest, conversation hearts are fun to get but not all that tasty.  Marzipan and chocolate, on the other hand, quite tasty.  I guess if you are one of those people who doesn’t like marzipan (*cough*Ma*cough*) then this isn’t much of an improvement.  But for those of you who do like marzipan, here is a cute, easy, Valentine’s Day candy.



I will say that I’m sad that I’ll be missing all the day-after-Valentine’s Day discounted candy.  I love chocolate chip and M&M cookies but hate the price of M&Ms so I always buy a bag or two after the big holidays.  Oh, and discounted Reese’s peanut butter cups/eggs/hearts are definitely another perk.

Marzipan Conversation Hearts

makes 20-25 hearts


  • 5 oz marzipan
  • 3.5 oz dark chocolate
  • 2 oz white chocolate


Pinch off a piece of marzipan and roll into a ball about 2 cm (3/4 inch) in diameter.  Flatten slightly and shape into a heart, using the flat part of a butter knife to help shape if necessary.  If you have a small heart-shaped cookie cutter, you should also be able to flatten your marzipan to the desired thickness then cut out heart shapes, dipping the cutter in powdered sugar if needed.

Melt dark chocolate in a double boiler being careful that no water mixes with the chocolate.  Dip hearts in dark chocolate and place on wax or parchment paper to cool.

When dark chocolate is cooled and hardened, melt the white chocolate.  Make a small parchment paper cone and fill with melted white chocolate.*  Pipe whatever words or designs you choose!

*Check out this tutorial for how to make a parchment paper cone.  I started with a rectangle of about 8×6 inches.  Make sure you roll the cone tightly so you have only a small tip for the melted to chocolate to come out of.

Leftover melted chocolate?  Have no fear!  Dip in or drizzle over your favorite cookies, pretzels, or graham crackers.

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8 thoughts on “Marzipan Conversation Hearts”

  1. Cough*Ma*cough loves the IDEA of marzipan, and really LOVES almonds. Marzipan is just too sweet for me, except in the smallest of doses! Perhaps if these were the same size and the chalky American conversation hearts….!

      1. Karen and I were thinking of some sort of peanut butter mixture that would be of the same marzipan texture. Now THAT I would like! But what would you mix in with the PB ?

  2. I agree with you Hallie. Holidays are so overplayed in stores that you get sick of them before they even show up. It’s been valentines day since the new year and we still a week away. Conversation hearts deserve a makeover coz no one eats them. I love the marzipan and chocolate combination!! I’m one of those who love marzipan! I hope you have a great week 🙂

  3. I love marzipan and chocolate it’s such a yummy partnering, what a great idea to use them as love hearts. Thanks for sharing your recipe at Sweet and Savoury Sunday’s, I hope you link up again this weekend.

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