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Salmon+Dill Dip

I'm not really a dip person. If there's dip at a party, sure, I'll probably try some, and I'll never say no to guacamole, but for the most part, dips aren't something I need in my life. The exception is at picnics. My boyfriend and I enjoy setting up at a park on a Saturday… Continue reading Salmon+Dill Dip

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I love Käsespätzle. It is pretty much the epitome of comfort food. Warm, creamy, cheesy, savory...absolutely delicious! If you aren't already familiar with Käsespätzle, it is a German and Austrian dish that falls somewhere in between mac and cheese and gnocchi. Käse means cheese in German, and Spätzle (which you might also see spelled Spaetzle) is the name… Continue reading Käsespätzle

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Dressmaking: Vintage Pattern Inspo

When I tried to revive this blog a few years ago after drifting away from it (an attempt that didn't last, as I then went on hiatus for three years), I thought I would expand the subjects I wrote about to give myself an easier time coming up with post topics. Though I planned to… Continue reading Dressmaking: Vintage Pattern Inspo

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Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies

So, I came back to Massachusetts two weeks ago. Maybe I shouldn't be posting that might violate some of the "stay at home orders." But it raises the whole question of "what/where is home?" and that, folks, I think is a blog post for another day. Instead, what I want to talk about is… Continue reading Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies

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Fried Eggs & Kale {What I Ate Wednesday}

Do bloggers still do "What I Ate Wednesday" posts? They used to be a thing, back a few years ago when I was more active in the blogosphere. Whether it's still out there or not, I wanted to share something quick and easy with you today, something that's not just practically recipe-less but actually totally… Continue reading Fried Eggs & Kale {What I Ate Wednesday}