Travel Tuesday

Barataria Preserve

This week is National Park Week! Since I'm a big fan of our National Parks system in general, so what better reason to take this Travel Tuesday to share one of my favorite New Orleans-area trips with you, Reader? Barataria Preserve is part of Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve and sits about thirty minutes… Continue reading Barataria Preserve

Craft & DIY Projects

Dressmaking: OhMeOhMySewing Keyhole Dress Pattern

The pattern used for the dresses below is the Keyhole Dress PDF Sewing Pattern by OhMeOhMySewing on Etsy. I was not compensated for this post in any way. Living in southern Louisiana, three seasons of the year are sundress-season and that suits me just fine. While I can't wear sundresses to work (steel-toed boots, anyone?), they are… Continue reading Dressmaking: OhMeOhMySewing Keyhole Dress Pattern

Eating Out, Travel Tuesday

Travel Tuesday: Tia B’s La Waffleria

Hello, Reader! Today I'm introducing a new segment that you'll see whenever I want to share something about a recent adventure. Today we're heading to the Southwest for some delicious waffles and a girls-getaway. Recently I went on a trip to New Mexico over a long weekend. I loved it. I had never been before… Continue reading Travel Tuesday: Tia B’s La Waffleria

Bake on Saturday, Lunch & Dinner, Recipes

Whole-Wheat Sunflower Seed Rolls

When I was younger, I wanted nothing more than to have Wonder bread (or at least paper-white, sweet, practically crust-less bread) on which to make my PB&J sandwiches. Sorry, Dad. Now that I am older (and wiser?) I appreciate all the Sundays my dad spent making bread for the week. His bread, unlike the light… Continue reading Whole-Wheat Sunflower Seed Rolls