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Martha Stewart’s Yellow Buttermilk Cake

Light, tender, and flavorful, this yellow buttermilk cake recipe from Martha Stewart is the only one you'll ever need. Ok, Reader, I know my blog posts have been more sporadic than usual for the last...month.  I'm hoping that will change soon, but for now please bear with me.  I've been stocking up things to share… Continue reading Martha Stewart’s Yellow Buttermilk Cake

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Brunch at the Pond House

Over the past few years I've acquired friends in various parts of the country (actually, the world) as tends to happen when you do things like go to college or go abroad.  The Internet makes it pretty easy to keep up with them, especially with videochatting and Facebook.  But it's not quite the same as seeing… Continue reading Brunch at the Pond House

Bake on Saturday, Dessert, Recipes

Mocha Truffle Cookies

Delicious chocolate cookies with an intense coffee kick! Saturday already!  I've fallen into a bad habit of not writing my blog posts in advance, like I used to do, and instead writing them on the day I plan to post.  I like doing it the other way better, but somehow the week disappeared. I'm not sure what… Continue reading Mocha Truffle Cookies

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Garlic Knots {Campfire Cooking}

You don't just have to have hot dogs and baked beans on camping trips!  Next time you're cooking over a fire, try these garlicky bread rolls to change things up! As mentioned, I spent this past week camping and visiting relatives.  My sister is a (relatively) recent vegetarian, which meant that the usual hot dogs… Continue reading Garlic Knots {Campfire Cooking}

Dessert, On the Road, Recipes

Banana Boats {Campfire Cooking}

A decadent camping dessert alternative!  The campfire classic combo of marshmallows and chocolate gets a little healthier with bananas! After being home for just under two weeks, I was ready to hit the road again.  Not really, but I had places to go and people to see, so I headed out on a road trip with my… Continue reading Banana Boats {Campfire Cooking}

Bake on Saturday, Lunch & Dinner, Recipes

Ma’s Cornbread

A simple but flavorful yellow cornbread, baked the traditional way in a cast iron skillet! There are some things that you don't mess with.  Like the mint and chocolate flavor combo.  Or peanut butter and chocolate.  Or mom's go-to cornbread recipe. Baked in a cast iron skillet. I'm a huge fan of cast iron.  Have… Continue reading Ma’s Cornbread