Bake on Saturday, Dessert

M&M Cookies

Thick and chewy cookies packed with chocolate chips and crispy M&M candies! Reader, do you remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that I secretly (or not so secretly) love post-holiday clearance candy? Particularly M&Ms for making M&M cookies? Well, I found a 99¢ bag of M&Ms at CVS, so today you get an… Continue reading M&M Cookies

Bake on Saturday, Dessert, Recipes

Chocolate Biscotti

These chocolate biscotti with almonds and chocolate chips are perfect for dunking into your favorite hot beverage! Remember how I mentioned last week that the weather needed to make up its mind? Well, it has. It chose winter. Daily temperatures are now around 30-35ºF, and the forecast for Tuesday is a high of 18. I… Continue reading Chocolate Biscotti