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Exploring Sarajevo’s Old Town

Last month I visited Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina, where east truly does meet west! Ok, Reader, I know I can't keep making excuses but I just didn't have the time this past week to get up my usual posts.  This one has been sitting in the back of my head for a while, so in the… Continue reading Exploring Sarajevo’s Old Town

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Eating Berlin, Part II: Etwas Süßes

Hello, Reader!  Did my post last week about Berlin's Imbiss food whet your appetite or give you Wanderlust?  I hope you're ready for more of Berlin's culinary culture because this week I've got some tips on finding sweeter things ("Süß" is German for "sweet") when you're in Berlin. Let's start off with two cafes.  Caras is a local coffee… Continue reading Eating Berlin, Part II: Etwas Süßes

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Eating Berlin, Part I

As you may remember me mentioning in my Spanakopita post, I spent last week in Berlin.  Austria (and Germany) have a Winter Semester/Summer Semester school year that runs from October to June or July rather than August/September to May/June, and the Semesterferien (semester break) is always in February.  I took off with some fellow TAs to visit… Continue reading Eating Berlin, Part I

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What I Ate Wednesday (on Thursday)

Yesterday, my friend and I took advantage of NYC Restaurant Week to try some food that would normally be out of our price-range.  I had heard of Restaurant Week before in various cities but had never gotten the chance to participate.  Before deciding, we did some serious research on restaurants offering deals.  Participating restaurants offer… Continue reading What I Ate Wednesday (on Thursday)