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Simit {Turkish Sesame Bagels}

These ring-shaped Turkish breads are a little nutty, a little chewy, and just slightly sweet! Well, Reader, this past week we got our first real snowfall of the season. It stuck to the ground, it piled, it drifted, it didn't get above 15 degrees for a couple days. It was enough that I decided to… Continue reading Simit {Turkish Sesame Bagels}

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Eating Berlin, Part I

As you may remember me mentioning in my Spanakopita post, I spent last week in Berlin.  Austria (and Germany) have a Winter Semester/Summer Semester school year that runs from October to June or July rather than August/September to May/June, and the Semesterferien (semester break) is always in February.  I took off with some fellow TAs to visit… Continue reading Eating Berlin, Part I

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Lahmacun (Türkische Pizza)

Turkish flatbread topped with a delicious red pepper, garlic, and tomato meat sauce. One quick announcement before we get to today's post: I've been finding it frustrating trying to follow all my favorite food blogs in one place, so I'm now using Bloglovin as my reader.  So far it seems to be working out.  Be… Continue reading Lahmacun (Türkische Pizza)