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Spanakopita {Daring Kitchen}

The February Daring Cooks' Challenge was hosted by Audax of Audax Artifex. The challenge brought us to Greece with a delicious, flaky spanakopita - a spinach pie in a phyllo pastry shell. First of all, Happy Valentine's Day!  I know this isn't a very Valentine's Day-y post, but Daring Cooks challenges always go up on… Continue reading Spanakopita {Daring Kitchen}

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Lahmacun (Türkische Pizza)

Turkish flatbread topped with a delicious red pepper, garlic, and tomato meat sauce. One quick announcement before we get to today's post: I've been finding it frustrating trying to follow all my favorite food blogs in one place, so I'm now using Bloglovin as my reader.  So far it seems to be working out.  Be… Continue reading Lahmacun (Türkische Pizza)

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Dinner with Friends + Naan Pizza

A new spin on pizza: fresh homemade garlic naan topped with veggies and cheese! During 2011-2012, I studied abroad in Berlin, Germany.  All in all, it was pretty great, though the program had some shortfalls.  Sorry, FU-BEST, but there is really no integration with Germans in your program.  So I didn't make any German friends,… Continue reading Dinner with Friends + Naan Pizza

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Bake on Saturday: Macarons

Classic French almond macarons -- there is nothing to fear! If you've ever been on my most favorite site ever, FoodGawker, you have undoubtedly come across macarons.  There are over 1,300 recipes for these light french sandwich cookies on the site to date.  And that's not counting all the other recipes available elsewhere on the… Continue reading Bake on Saturday: Macarons