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Dressmaking: Vintage Pattern Inspo

When I tried to revive this blog a few years ago after drifting away from it (an attempt that didn't last, as I then went on hiatus for three years), I thought I would expand the subjects I wrote about to give myself an easier time coming up with post topics. Though I planned to… Continue reading Dressmaking: Vintage Pattern Inspo

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Norway in a Nutshell: Oslo to Bergen

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I recently traveled to Norway with several of my relatives. My mom, aunt, sister, and I all met up in Oslo for a week's vacation. The plan was to spend four days exploring Oslo and the Oslofjord area, followed by some sisterly bonding where my sister and I… Continue reading Norway in a Nutshell: Oslo to Bergen

Travel Tuesday

Barataria Preserve

This week is National Park Week! Since I'm a big fan of our National Parks system in general, so what better reason to take this Travel Tuesday to share one of my favorite New Orleans-area trips with you, Reader? Barataria Preserve is part of Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve and sits about thirty minutes… Continue reading Barataria Preserve

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#InTheKitchenBecauseIWantToBe [Avocado Brownies]

Around the world yesterday, men, women, and children came together to make a stand against our newly-inaugurated president. I've thought a lot about coming back to blogging after almost a year and a half hiatus, and watching (virtually) people across the globe prepare for and attend the various marches made me want to write and share my… Continue reading #InTheKitchenBecauseIWantToBe [Avocado Brownies]

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The Morning Call Coffee Stand

Recently, I joined my friend on a trip to New Orleans City Park’s Morning Call Coffee Stand, where he had to observe the patrons for a school project, regarding something about people interacting with space. (I should probably know exactly what he was doing, but I don’t.) The Morning Call has a very basic menu.… Continue reading The Morning Call Coffee Stand