Sparkling Wine with Strawberries {Erdbeerbowle}

White wine, sparkling wine, strawberries, and orange liqueur all mix together for a light, refreshing drink! In 2010, after taking a year of German class, my mom decided that we should go on vacation to Germany to practice.  As I love to travel, I was all for exploring the country, though I was still hesitant… Continue reading Sparkling Wine with Strawberries {Erdbeerbowle}


Flavored Vodka

Experiment with your own booze with these simple instructions for turning plain vodka into something special. This is another one of those culinary adventures I had with my roommates earlier this summer.  Vodka is not my favorite for of alcoholic beverage, but I really enjoyed the coffee-cinnamon vodka I'm about to share with you. We… Continue reading Flavored Vodka