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I love Käsespätzle. It is pretty much the epitome of comfort food. Warm, creamy, cheesy, savory...absolutely delicious! If you aren't already familiar with Käsespätzle, it is a German and Austrian dish that falls somewhere in between mac and cheese and gnocchi. Käse means cheese in German, and Spätzle (which you might also see spelled Spaetzle) is the name… Continue reading Käsespätzle

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Fried Eggs & Kale {What I Ate Wednesday}

Do bloggers still do "What I Ate Wednesday" posts? They used to be a thing, back a few years ago when I was more active in the blogosphere. Whether it's still out there or not, I wanted to share something quick and easy with you today, something that's not just practically recipe-less but actually totally… Continue reading Fried Eggs & Kale {What I Ate Wednesday}

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Baked Beans {Practically Recipe-less}

Like a lot of Americans, we've been eating a lot of beans these days. Though chili is in my usual rotation of meals, I don't typically cook a lot of beans otherwise. Especially not baked beans. But during these past few weeks of staying at home, I've made baked beans from scratch three times. And… Continue reading Baked Beans {Practically Recipe-less}