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Dark Chocolate Snack Cake

A quick one-bowl loaf cake rich in chocolate flavor with a unique texture from almond meal! This Dark Chocolate Snack Cake is a recipe I developed a few years ago to appease chocolate cake cravings using ingredients that I had lying around.  Because it needs no frosting, is baked in a loaf tin rather than a cake pan,… Continue reading Dark Chocolate Snack Cake

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Vegan Lebkuchen

There is something about gingerbread that just smacks of the holidays (just smacks of?  I don't know if I've ever said that before).  It is both spicy and sweet, and the flavors just seem warming.  Do you eat gingerbread for Christmas if you live somewhere in the southern hemisphere?  I personally don't think it would… Continue reading Vegan Lebkuchen

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Almond Meal Cookies {Vegan-ish, Gluten-Free}

Everyone knows that December is cookie season.  You've got your traditional gingerbread men and sugar cookies.  Then there are other cookies filled with holiday flavors, like peppermint and spices.  Or maybe you just keep making your favorite cookies no matter the time of year, be it macarons, oatmeal cookies, or congo cookies. Even if you've… Continue reading Almond Meal Cookies {Vegan-ish, Gluten-Free}