Eating Out, Travel Tuesday

Travel Tuesday: Tia B’s La Waffleria

Hello, Reader! Today I’m introducing a new segment that you’ll see whenever I want to share something about a recent adventure. Today we’re heading to the Southwest for some delicious waffles and a girls-getaway.

Recently I went on a trip to New Mexico over a long weekend. I loved it. I had never been before and was excited to cross another state off my list of places I’ve been (New Mexico makes state #37). As I’ve gotten older, I am more interested in exploring the outdoors rather than cities, but my foodie self still wants the option of great food. Albuquerque seemed like it would offer both, and definitely delivered.

The trip grew out of a case of itchy feet, from which my dear friend Tyne was also suffering. She and I have taken on several countries and well as places we’ve lived in recent years. We haven’t lived in the same state since I started this blog back in 2013, but we have always managed to meet up and hang once or twice a year. Not living near each other is a good excuse to go on adventures to new places.

Today I’m sharing my favorite of our Albuquerque meals: waffles from Tia B’s La Waffleria in the Nob Hill neighborhood. After getting drinks in Nob Hill the night before, we wanted to come back and see what other eats there were in this trendy neighborhood. Enter La Waffleria. One look at the website and we knew where we were getting breakfast.


The restaurant is a small, bright, counter-service place with a cozy fireplace inside and picnic tables outside. Waffles served fall into one of three categories: sweet, savory breakfast, and savory lunch. Lunch, however, is served all day. Though the sweet options sounded amazing (dark chocolate raspberry? yes please) I am a girl who likes to eat a lot in the morning and I thought going the savory route might prove more filling. Not that that made my decision on what to order any easier. After contemplating the enemy for a few minutes, our server suggested the chicken and waffles, which I already was taking into serious consideration. His suggestion clinched the deal. While I am not usually a chicken-and-waffles person, I am often curious about them.

At Tia B’s, they put a New Mexican twist on the southern classic. Their fluffy buttermilk waffle is topped by piping hot chicken tenders bread in blue cornmeal, drizzled with red chile-honey sauce, and sprinkled with fresh green onions. So delicious! One bite of the crunchy chicken with the soft waffles and a perfect mix of sweet and hot made for a very happy start to a very happy breakfast.


Tyne ordered the waffle benitos, which was a buttermilk waffle topped with fries eggs and green chile cream sauce. She enjoyed hers, too, but we both agreed it tasted much cheesier than expected. As we ate, the place filled up with a line forming that stretched from the counter to the front door. Everyone around us seemed to be enjoying their meals, and every dish that came out of the kitchen looked mouthwateringly delicious.

Would I go back, should I ever find myself in Albuquerque again? Most definitely. I might even have to get the chicken and waffles again. I think I’ve been converted.

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