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Garlic Knots {Campfire Cooking}

You don’t just have to have hot dogs and baked beans on camping trips!  Next time you’re cooking over a fire, try these garlicky bread rolls to change things up!

garlic knots

As mentioned, I spent this past week camping and visiting relatives.  My sister is a (relatively) recent vegetarian, which meant that the usual hot dogs were not an option.  The little stores in rural West Virginia really left us scratching our heads on the first night (thank you onions, potatoes, and aluminum foil), but when we remembered to hit a big grocery store before getting to the backwoods campsite on night #2, we had the ability to be really creative.  With all of Kroger as our oyster, we had so many options!  What do my mom, my sister, and I all like to cook with?  Garlic, and lots of it.

Garlic knots, all ready to be packaged and set over the fire.
Crimped and doubled aluminum foil packet of garlic knots, plus a few stray veggies to be grilled.

This version of garlic knots is perhaps a bit heartier and, yes, I’ll admit it, a bit sloppier than whatever you might make in your kitchen.  But it’s really quite easy and doesn’t involve too many steps or hard-to-transport ingredients.  It’s a great vegetarian addition when you’re cooking over an open fire, especially served with some grilled veggies and a possibly-breaking-the-campsite-rules bottle of white wine.

All you need to make these is refrigerator pizza crust (I used a tube of Pillsbury whole wheat), a few ounces flavored butter (mine was garlic and herb), a few cloves of garlic, aluminum foil, and (of course) a campfire preferably with a grate.  The results may not win any prizes for beauty, but they certainly win on flavor!

Almost dinner time: garlic knots, the stubborn veggies that don’t want to cook, and hot water.
All done! And only a little burned.

Campfire Garlic Knots

makes about 6 large knots


  • 1 – 14 (ish) oz tube of pizza dough
  • a few ounces flavored butter, such as garlic and herb flavor, softened
  • about 4 cloves garlic, coarsely chopped

Special Equipment

  • heavy-duty aluminum foil
  • a campfire with a grill grate


Spread out a large rectangle of double layer of aluminum foil.  Butter a smaller rectangle on the foil–this is where you will place your garlic knots.  You should leave about 2 inches on all sides unbuttered, as these edges will be folded over.

On a clean surface, roll out your pizza dough.  Smear with about 2/3 of the remaining softened butter and all the chopped garlic.  Slice into approximately six slices.  Fold each slice in half, then tie with a knot and place on the buttered aluminum foil.  Spread a small amount of butter on top of the garlic knots.

Cover the garlic knots with another double-layer of aluminum foil and tightly crimp on all sides to make a foil packet.  Place on the grill grate over a hot campfire.  Flip halfway through cooking.  Cooking time will vary greatly depending on the heat of the fire, how close the grate is to the fire, etc.  Ours took about 10 minutes on each side.  Serve hot.


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