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Banana Boats {Campfire Cooking}

A decadent camping dessert alternative!  The campfire classic combo of marshmallows and chocolate gets a little healthier with bananas!

banana boats03

After being home for just under two weeks, I was ready to hit the road again.  Not really, but I had places to go and people to see, so I headed out on a road trip with my family.  After visiting relatives and debuting a special 65th anniversary surprise-inside cake, we dug out the camping equipment (and by that I mean the most basic of basic camping supplies) and turned west.

We go camping at least once a year, but not as often as we did when my mom was a Girl Scout Troop leader.  It was never something I begged to do when I was younger, but now I enjoy it quite a bit.  And outdoor cooking is one of the most fun parts of camping, in my opinion.  I’m not going to claim that I sleep better in the outdoors or anything, because I don’t, or that I go camping to become “one with nature,” because that’s not true either.  I go camping because it’s fun, it’s always an adventure, and because I love the smell of campfires.

banana boats04

On our first night camping we had the traditional campfire dessert, ooey-gooey marshmallow-y chocolate-y s’mores.  Before our second night we hit the store to replenish our supplies, and picked up some bananas to make an old Girl Scout staple: Banana Boats.

If you like bananas, banana bread, or are just looking for some way to change up your camping routine and you’ve never had these before, you’ve really got to try this the next time your sitting around the campfire.  Banana and chocolate is such a winning combination, and you just have to have marshmallows when you’re camping.  And marshmallows and chocolate and a winner, too.

Ideally, you roast these over hot coals once the fire has died down a bit, but if you don’t have time to wait, you can set them towards the side of a fire.  You could probably bake these in a regular oven, too, if you’re dying for some campfire  food but can’t get away to the great outdoors.  If you do make these on an open campfire, be sure to take all necessary safety precautions to ensure a good time (i.e. hair tied back, no loose clothing, keep small kids away from open flames)!

banana boats01 banana boats02

Campfire Banana Boats


  • 1 banana for every person
  • chocolate chips or a chocolate bar chopped up
  • mini marshmallows, or regular marshmallows if you’re willing to tear or chop the marshmallows

Special Equipment

  • heavy-duty aluminum foil
  • campfire


Peel one section of a banana and slice a small “V” down the length of the banana, as pictured above.  Remove the banana V, and either eat or set aside.  Stuff the carved out section with chocolate and marshmallow pieces, then replace the banana slice if you haven’t eaten it as a snack, then fold the peel back over.  Wrap tightly in heavy-duty aluminum foil.  Place carefully in the coals of your campfire or near the edge of the fire (or even on the grate).  Turn occasionally, and cook until the banana reaches the desired tenderness.  Cook time will vary greatly depending on the temperature of your fire and where your banana is in relation to the heat.  It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

Eat with a spoon before singing all the folk songs you can remember ’round the campfire.


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