Eating Out, On the Road

New Foods, Wild Fruit

While attending field school in Croatia, I’ve been trying to be as much of a Food Explorer as I can bring myself to be.  Anything someone picks off a tree and says is edible and anything served on a platter without visible tentacles has gone into my mouth.  Mostly I’ve been happy with the things I’ve tried, though there are some foods I won’t be eating again any time soon.  I’ve been keeping one list of the new foods I’ve tried, and another of all the wild fruit I’ve picked off trees (whether ripe or not).

New Foods

  • fried whole sardines
  • carpaccio
  • sea bass
  • mackerel
  • hrapačuša cake (a cake traditional to the island of Brac made with lots walnuts)
  • walnut, plain, herb, and rose rakija (Croatian alcohol similar to schnapps often served first thing you visit someone as a welcome/display of hospitality)
  • veal
  • things cooked under a peka, which is a traditional almost bell-shaped dish for cooking with hot coals
  • young (fresh) sheep’s cheese
  • sheep’s cheese cured in a traditional sheepskin bag
  • mojito-flavored ice cream
  • mojito-flavored  Schweppes soda
  • dried figs

Cooking under a peka, and veal peka with potatoes and vegetables

Wild Fruit

  • red, yellow, and green plums
  • blackberries
  • strawberries
  • olives (not ripe)
  • grapes (not ripe)
  • pomegranates (not ripe)
  • kiwis (so close to being ripe but not ripe)
  • figs

Blackberries on Brac, wild yellow plums in the Hinterlands


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