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Slovenian Firsts, in Pictures

Hello, Reader!  Just a short post for today.  Since I’ve been talking a lot about firsts and lasts, I thought I’d share some firsts from my recent trip to Slovenia, and since a picture is worth a thousand words…

1. First trip to Slovenia.

2. First trip up a hill to visit a castle twice in one day, first to visit the museum and later to watch the sunset.


3. First trip to McDonald’s/McCafe in who knows how long. (Please don’t judge, it was hot and I was tired.  Also we don’t have McCafe in the U.S.*) (Not pictured, you don’t need to see that.)

4. First time I’d ever seen the grave of a lightning bolt.  (In the Slovenian National Museum, dating to Roman settlement of the area.)

lightning grave

5. First sunburn of the year.  Tops of the feet, as per usual.  You’d think I’d remember to put sunscreen on them by now. (Not pictured.)

6. First swim of the year, at Lake Bled 55 km outside Ljubljana.

7. First trip by myself for longer than 4 nights. (Not pictured, I don’t know how one would capture that in a photograph, actually.)

Bled Island, Slovenia

*Wondering what McCafe is like?  Picture Starbucks, only replace everything disposable with reusable things…glass cups, ceramic mugs, metal cutlery.

Happy Wednesday!

P.S. I’ve been reviving my Flickr account, don’t forget to check there for more of my travel photography!


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