Homemade Applesauce

Easy homemade applesauce flavored with ground cinnamon.


I love applesauce.  Maybe that makes me sound like I am two years old, but I will freely admit it.

However, I am also picky about my applesauce (this also makes me sound like I am two).  I do not like applesauce with any sort of sugar added, and I don’t like those crazy applesauce flavors you can buy at the store, like strawberry and blue raspberry, or whatever.  The only fruit-sauce-combination I accept is apple and pear.  But mostly I like homemade applesauce, straight-up apples that have been cooked down into a thick pulp, maybe with some cinnamon.

I like to eat applesauce  many ways.  Sometimes just out a bowl with a spoon.  Better yet, using graham crackers as my spoons.  Or even better, using graham cracker and peanut butter sandwiches as spoons.  I also like applesauce on pancakes.  And in regular cakes.


Sometimes I make applesauce for breakfast.  Sure, it’s not quick, but it’s definitely tasty, and it’s a nice way to change up my morning routine if I’ve got the time.

My grandpa, too, is quite fond of applesauce.  He often talks about “Depression dessert”–graham crackers and applesauce.

Now, it’s probably the wrong season for me to be posting this, but it’s a long time to wait until apple season comes again, and fresh, warm applesauce is so great for freezing cold winter mornings…You’ll just have to forgive me.

Making applesauce at home is really easy and involves about as few ingredients as you can get.  Does water count as an ingredient?  If not, then this is either a one- or two- ingredient recipe.  It’s perfect for anyone who has resolved to steer clear of corn syrup, refined sugar, or of buying things at the store that can easily be made at home.

Homemade Applesauce

Makes about 2 cups of applesauce, but can be easily doubled/tripled/etc.


  • 4 medium apples, such as McIntosh or Gala, chopped (about 4 cups of chopped apple)
  • about 1 1/4 cups water
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon (optional)


In a medium or large pot on the stove, combine all ingredients.  Stir occasionally.  Once the apple pieces begin to soften, smoosh them gently with a large spoon.  Continue cooking until soft and mushy (about one hour).  Use an immersion blender or food processor to blend smooth, if desired.

I always leave the peels on my apples, but, of course, you can peel the apples if you like.

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11 thoughts on “Homemade Applesauce”

  1. Hi Hallie,
    Our family has been making homemade applesauce for years. Every fall, we pick the apples, wash, cut and into the pot immediately. No peeling. Cortlands & Macs, but in winter Macs & Granny Smiths.
    Just a little bit of water in bottom of large pot, nothing else. No sugar, no flavoring. Cook at low setting on stove after a boil. Stir often with wooden spoon.
    Our favorite texture is from using medium disc on food mill.
    Perfection every time.

    The Souper

  2. I agree homemade applesauce is the best. None of that nonsense of flavors you see in the stores. I always pull out my preserved cans from the fall during the cold winter. Love how high you piled it in your pancakes! Hmmmm!

  3. Remember the time we went camping near the wolf preserve and I forgot to pack food for breakfast? So we made what we had available. That batch of applesauce on the camp stove was the best! And served with graham crackers, of course!

  4. I decidedly disliked applesauce as a kid–texture, people, texture!–but I am in love with the possibility of making my own again. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and thanks even more for the inspiration!

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