Top 10 Recipes of 2013

As of the 29th, my blog is six months old.  Wow!  I’ve had a lot of fun sharing recipes with you, Reader.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it, too.

Not to be totally cliche, but I can’t believe the year is over already.  I mean, didn’t we just start 2013?  2013 arrived with several adventures for me, basically all good.  I graduated from college (with my lucrative degree in history), I got a job in Austria, I went on some great trips (like this one, this one, and some others I didn’t blog about), and, of course, I started this blog.   Hopefully 2014 is equally interesting, for all of us.

Food Top 102To celebrate the end of the year, here is a collection of the most-viewed recipes from my blog.  If you haven’t checked these out yet, go do it!  You’re missing out!

10. Pumpkin Soup: I shared this recipe-less recipe back in September.  It’s so simple to make pumpkin soup from scratch, perfect for those chilly fall or winter days.

P10103409. No-Churn Oreo Cheesecake Ice Cream: This was one of the first recipes I shared.  It’s so delicious, creamy and filled with Oreo pieces and chocolate chips.  It requires so ice cream maker, so anyone can make it!

icecream058. Sweet and Sour Cabbage: I’m glad this one made the top ten, as it is one of the few family recipes I have.  Well, this version is my own take on a family recipe.  We always pay homage to our Norwegian ancestors by eating my grandpa’s favorite red cabbage on Thanksgiving, but it’s great for dinner anytime!

red cabbage027. Braided Egg Bread (Challah): Bread baking can be stressful, but it is also so rewarding.  For one Bake on Saturday segment I shared my thoughts on making raised doughs along with a recipe for whole-wheat braided egg bread.

Bread after baking6. Sweet Potato Biscuits: In October I shared this recipe for a fun twist on an American classic.  I love sweet potatoes in all forms, including, of course, the flaky, buttery biscuit.

biscuits035. Nutella Swirl Blondies: Everyone loves Nutella.  Seriously, you would have to be allergic to hazelnuts or chocolate not to enjoy it.  And what’s better than chocolate-hazelnut goodness baked into brown sugar blondies?  Not much, as attested by this post’s popularity!

blondies024. Roasted Butternut Squash: A true Thanksgiving classic, this recipe from November quickly climbed the ranks in terms of blogpost views.  But squash doesn’t have to be just for Thanksgiving dinner–it may take time, but it takes little effort, making it great for dinner any night of the year.

P1020242a3. Canadian Fried Dough: What was initially a cinnamon-sugar-deep-fried filled evening of roommate bonding became the third-most popular post on my site.  Looking for a unique fried treat?  Look no further!

fried dough beavertails2. Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Brownies: Coming in at number two is, unsurprisingly, these ridiculous layered treats.  Taking some of the best ingredients in the dessert world and putting them together results in a delicious, if not pretty, mouthful.

pbcd brownies021. Refrigerator Pickles: And the post with the most views of the year is this little DIY how-to.  Crunchy, sour, garlicky or spicy, this post from July explained how to make your own pickles, no canning required.


Happy New Year, everyone!

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