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Recipes I Love: Stovetop Edition

Since I received some positive feedback on my first recipe round-up, I’m bringing you another edition!  This time I’m focusing on easy stovetop recipes.  These are the sort of things I make for myself for dinner, without thinking about measuring or timing, or anything that makes a recipe a recipe.

Luckily, other people have taken the time to write down the instructions for making some of my lunch and dinner staples.  This theme was inspired by a family friend whose daughter is off at school living in one of those silly studio efficiency apartments THAT DOESN’T HAVE AN OVEN.  How do people function without ovens?!

Ok, I mean, I know how they function.  These five recipes are just the beginning of what could be a much larger recipe round-up.  Plenty of people don’t use their ovens often.  In fact, I have a friend whose oven has been broken for a year or something ridiculous like that.  And she still manages to eat.

Recipes I Love

Just like last time, I’m going to share five recipes in approximate order of how often I cook them.  Hope you enjoy!

5.  I’m all for quick and easy recipes where you just toss a chicken or turkey cutlet into the pan but you can only do that so many times before wanting to try something new.  This two-part guide to how to properly bread meat is great and contains several variations.  Just use your favorite method to bread a thin chicken or turkey breast, then pop into a frying pan with some oil and cook until done!

4. This one definitely involves a trip to your local Asian market (I’ve never had any trouble locating one either when living in the U.S. or in Europe): miso soup.  A staple of any Asian restaurant, it’s actually quite easy to prepare at home once you’ve found your miso paste, instant dashi, and tofu.  It’s another one of those recipe that you can customize easily and take very little effort.  I like this recipe, or this one that uses vegetable broth instead of dashi.

3.  Over the past few months, risotto has made into my usual rotation of dinner recipes.  It takes some time, but not a lot of attention.  I usually read a book while standing over the stove.  There are also endless variations.  You can make it with or without wine, add lemon zest and nutmeg, toss in steamed veggies at the end…whatever you desire!  I shared this recipe for mushroom risotto back in October.

2.  Dal (or dahl or daal) is the word in many South Asian languages for “lentil” as well as the most common way of preparing the legumes.  Dal is also common in places like Jamaica where many of the inhabitants have Indian roots.  I tell you this because I want to tell you a quick story.  Dal is something I make often and without a recipe.  It’s something my mom taught me how to make.  One day I was talking to some co-workers at lunch–two women of South Asian heritage and one of Jamaican–and for some reason they were talking about dal.  I blew their minds when I told them dal was something I cooked frequently.  Besides being delicious, basic dal involves only a few ingredients such as red lentils, garlic, onion, and turmeric that you should be able to find at any grocery store (barring that, any Asian or Middle Eastern store usually has the ingredients as well).  It’s tasty and nutritious!  This version is quite similar to mine, though I usually use a yellow onion and also include minced ginger root (about 1/2 an inch).

1.  And, like a lot of people, I eat way too much pasta and store-bought pasta sauce.  However, I always doctor up my sauce while my pasta is cooking.  Here’s what I like to do: For every two or so servings, take a small onion, chop it, and saute it in olive oil.  Then I add 1 clove minced garlic and a little ground turkey or chicken if I have it on hand.  If I’m using meat, once it has started to brown then I add my pasta sauce along with dried basil and oregano.  Then you just simmer until your pasta is done!  You can find some other great ideas for changing up your weeknight pasta routine here.

Looking for more oven-less recipes?  My first edition of Recipes I Love included two stovetop dinner recipes, pancakes, and my favorite mug cake!  Be sure to check it out for more suggestions, and tell me about your favorite stovetop recipes in the comments!

Lastly, I discovered this website Fridgg last week.  It’s very similar to FoodGawker and just as addicting.  If you’re also on Fridgg, check out my profile and follow me!  And I finally have a header photo!  Thanks to my super crafty aunt who sent me some fan mail (and requested more vegan recipes, so look for those soon)!


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