Flavored Vodka

Experiment with your own booze with these simple instructions for turning plain vodka into something special.

This is another one of those culinary adventures I had with my roommates earlier this summer.  Vodka is not my favorite for of alcoholic beverage, but I really enjoyed the coffee-cinnamon vodka I’m about to share with you.

We sort of just stumbled upon this–we didn’t start out the evening intending to infuse some vodka.  At the liquor store, one of my roommates who knows way more about vodka than me narrowed our options down and we ended up picking out a bottle of Prairie Vodka.  I liked the label–it’s so 1880’s.  Upon returning to our apartment, we did some research and came across some recipes for flavoring vodka on the company’s website, and decided to give it a go as we had the ingredients.

We split the bottle in about half and used empty glass bottles for our infusions so we could try two different flavors, but I’m giving instructions here for using a whole bottle.  You can easily do what we did and half the recipe to experiment!

The coffee-cinnamon vodka is great for White Russians or over ice, and the lemon-lime mixed with club soda tastes a bit like a gin and tonic.

Unfortunately, I have no good photos after we let the vodka sit for a few days.  The coffee-cinnamon flavor looked like iced tea in color and the limes lost their color!

Flavored Vodka

Slightly adapted from Prairie Vodka.


For coffee-cinnamon vodka: 3 T whole espresso beans and 3 cinnamon sticks for one bottle of vodka

For lemon-lime vodka: 1 lemon and 1 lime , sliced and rinds removed for one bottle of vodka


Pour out about 1/3 of your bottle of vodka into a glass or jar.  Place flavoring ingredients into the bottle, and top off with reserved vodka.  Let sit 3-4 days before using in a cool dark place or in the refrigerator.

Question: Have you experimented with flavoring vodka?  What was your favorite flavor?  This was my first try! 

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2 thoughts on “Flavored Vodka”

  1. Hi – interesting to see this. I have been experimenting with making alcohol extracts – like in your instructions, you put the flavoring ingredient (chopped vanilla beans, cinnamon stick, etc.) in the vodka, leave at room temperature, and shake it once a day for about a month. And you have vanilla extract, cinnamon extract, whatever! Thanks for sharing on Show and Share Wednesday!

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